Bitcoin Miracle

NEW! Yellowjacket 2.2gh/s – 3.0gh/s USB Asic Miner (Bitfury) BTC

Introducing the Yellowjacket by Bitgretiefter, a tiny USB miner that packs a big punch! Each one of these Bitfury USB Bitcoin ASIC miners have been crafted with emphasis on delivering the highest build quality at the lowest price point. These are perfect for miners starting out or experts looking to strengthen the Bitcoin network.

  • Based on the Nanofury USB ASIC open source design
  • Contains 1 Bitfury chip with Real-world performance of 2.2GH/s and no overclocking or modding required
  • No fan or heatsink required at stock settings
  • Easy setup with native bfgminer support
  • Black anodised aluminium backplate for added durability
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