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What you need to know about the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Lets Breakdown the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

We are near to the end of 2017, and Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 is in this article.  It is the right time to analyze and make current plans for the following year. Even as we have high hopes and expectations for the 2018 Bitcoin prices, we do not know what might be awaiting us. Here we look at how the cryptocurrencies have performed this year and also give a projection for next year.

The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Cryptocurrency is the most common mode of payment nowadays. A lot of investors are moved to invest their money in these currencies, leading to a rapid rise in demand for the cryptocurrency. Here, I discuss the best ten cryptocurrencies picks for 2018.

1. Bitcoin will remain a Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Bitcoin has hit the market running this year, and we believe it will still trade high in 2018. Trading at $12,0270.30 and its market cap stands at $201,116,445,373; bitcoin has made this year cryptocurrency attractive for government organizations and financial institutions globally. Bitcoin miners are the primary Bitcoin security and miners are the ones responsible for new Bitcoins. You should, therefore, aim at keeping your Bitcoin safe after purchasing it. Looking at the success of Bitcoin this year, there is a huge chance that the same would apply in 2018.

2. Ethereum

It’s the second largest cryptocurrency in the world based on the market cap. Currently, Ethereum is trading at $464.68, its’ market capitalization is around $44,678,905,662. While Ethereum is a bit far from catching up with Bitcoin’s rise, it remains steady and has all the potential to rise above the original cryptocurrency. Remember that Ethereum has outshined Bitcoin in the number of transactions.

3. Litecoin 

Litecoin looks to be a good alternative to Bitcoin. Created to solve some of the flaws found in the original Bitcoin protocol. Did you know that Litecoin is one of the first altcoins to exist after Bitcoin? In the current market, one Litecoin goes at $103.43 and has a market cap of $5,599,290,398. While Litecoin is nearly identical to Bitcoin when you examine its features, we believe that it still has a lot of potentials and you can think of investing in it.

4. Zcash

Zcash is yet another cryptocurrency in the market that looks to solve a problem of anonymous transactions. Zcash trades at $324.77 and has a market cap of $899,109,954. Anonymous transactions have emerged as the primary concern of many financial institutions. And it’s what Zcash is looking to modify. We believe that Zcash might just succeed in anonymous transactions in 2018.

5. Ripple

Ripple is also one great cryptocurrency one can invest in 2018. It delivers a real-time gross settlement system. Launched in the year 2012, it commands a market cap of $8,748,471,371. With $0.2265 you can buy a single unit.


IOTA carriers with it the largest potential to change human life. In fact, there is a likelihood that the digital currency might grow very fast in the coming years. Now you can see why you need to invest in it in 2018. Focused on Machine-to-Machine transactions. Its main purpose is to allow M2M payments in the machine economy. IOTA is unique from Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. since it doesn’t work like the blockchain system. Instead, it uses a distinct model called tangle.

7. Dash

Formerly known as Darkcoin, is an open peer-to-peer virtual currency. Introduced in the market three years ago. Dash has a market capitalization of around $3,439,084,884. One dash costs about $446.86. Dash is worth to invest in 2018.

8. Monero

Monero seeks to solve the same problem just like Zcash. It focuses on privacy and decentralization. Monero has a market cap of about $1,985,971,808 and value of close to $129.22 per unit. Given that it aims to solve the problem of anonymity transactions. Monero looks worthy to invest in 2018.

9. Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin Cash is another separate branch of Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash now has a market cap of $21,898,987,947, and you can buy one BCH for $1,303. You can see it has a better value and one which is worth to invest in 2018.

10. NEM 

NEM might be the last on this list, but it is performing well. Launched recently on 31st of March 2015, NEM runs on Java platform. It commands a market cap of $1,742,634,000, and you can get one Nem for $0.1936.

Buying Cryptocurrencies & Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 

The most straightforward means to get started with cryptocurrencies is by joining Coinbase. Create an account with Coinbase. When you are done signing up, you are assigned your digital wallet stored in the cloud servers of Coinbase. It is however important to note that you are trusting a third party to secure your wallet. There are also other digital wallet options to go for if you would like to store somewhere else, such as keep your wallet on your external Zip drive or computer hard drive. Whichever means you decide, be sure to select a secure wallet. The advantage with Coinbase, you can buy Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Lending Sites for those not investing in the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

Cryptocurrency lending sites have experienced exponential growth in the last few months. BitConnect and RegalCoin coins have taken the market by storm as a result of their daily compounding interest.

Lending platforms are good means for one to generate compounding profit with time. Here we highlight our top 5 cryptocurrency platforms you can invest in 2018.

1. BitConnect

BitConnect is a popular lending platform, but again it also has a reputation as one of the most controversial site. The platform has more than 1000+ members with new members joining the platform daily. If you do a quick search on YouTube, you find that BitConnect has generated more than 200,000 videos. There are also channels of people documenting their experience on the platform.


USI-TECH is among the fastest growing automated bitcoin investing opportunity in 2017. In 1st March 2017, USI-TECH introduced BTC Packages as a way to grow your cryptocurrency wallet and earn bitcoin passively. USI-TECH has a huge community which has enjoyed seven years of real Forex trading.

3. DavorCoin

DavorCoin is yet a new coin in the market that has joined the lending platform. There seems like there are specific categories of altcoins that just get hype, and DavorCoin is just one of those coins when it comes to lending sites.

4. Regal Coin

Regal Coin is also a lending coin that has received stark attention. It has started so well, and it might soon attain the reputation of BitConnect. With the rapid growth of BitConnect this year, many investors are now turning to the next big coin, and this one looks to be a good candidate.


SALT is an upcoming platform that allows crypto holders to acquire Blockchain Backed Loans. In this way, crypto holders of blockchain assets can use their assets as collateral for a cash loan they get from the site.

Best Cryptocurrency Mining sites if you not investing into Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018

1. BitClub

BitClub network is a cloud mining pool that mines Bitcoins. While it does not disclose whom its founders are, only saying that it is managed by a team of programmers, entrepreneurs, and digital mining specialists. With BitClub, users do not need to own any hardware. Merely pay to rent one owned by BitClub.


Another Bitcoin cloud mining site with only one gig hash, you will good to start mining.


Eobot .com is the cheapest and easiest cloud mining solution. You can sign up and start on free mining. It also gives you a chance to exchange between any cryptocurrency.


The most extensive cloud mining cryptocurrency site.

5. Hash flare

Hashflare provides cryptocurrency mining in the clouds using a modern and high-effective devices.

Finally, if you discover a cryptocurrency you like, then first evaluate the entire project just like you would have done if you were to invest in a young start-up. Get to know the amount of money raised, the evaluation that the whole project works and is real, the people behind it, etc. Moreover, don’t forget that only top 5% of companies are worth to invest in, the same applies to ICO’s.

These are your Top 10 Cryptocurrencies for 2018 and some bonuses. 

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