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OneCoin An Alternative Cryptocurrency?

In over the past 25 years of experience I have had the opportunity to build, market, brand and promote a number of products or services online by building significant size organizations. I have done so with traditional companies and by using channels of network marketing. Many successful entrepreneurs have accumulated great wealth participating in similar ventures.

Although there are a number of people who disdain network marketing due to a variety of factors one can not argue there are a significant number of companies who use network marketing as a source to build, brand or promote services, products and technology. Many companies that have emerged in this industry are now multi billion dollar companies.

Even before the emergence of BitCoin was known my circle of very intelligent business associates and partners have participated in entrepreneur think tanks or round table discussions looking at particular products, service and technologies.

A number of these people in my circle who I would describe as professional visionaries. They gained great knowledge by performing deep research. They too relied on their connections to meet other visionaries who early on forecast that there would be rapid growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

My team of entrepreneurs had many discussions regarding the emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Those discussions included ways in which our group group might be able to capitalize in this new technology.

There are a number of new cryptocurrencies that have emerged since BitCoin. I can think of 10 to 12 new cryptocurrencies that appear to be of interest that we feel will reach significant traction over the internet.

One entity that has caught our attention is relatively new to the scene of open source blockchain and cryptocurrency. What is different about it was they emerged using network marketing. This company is known as OneCoin.

Over one year ago members of our think tank group began to do some deeper research with this particular company to separate facts from fiction. We were curious if there was any merit to what this company was doing. We also wanted to know more facts about the principles of the company.

I can speak to you about completing proper due diligence. For many who I refer to as completely misinformed entrepreneurs whose idea of due diligence is merely putting the company or a company officer name in a Google search engine. They then accept whatever information they glean as pure unquestionable fact. If anyone were to say this is how proper due diligence is conducted is sadly misinformed.

I have Google searched the name of some very elite companies and giant entrepreneurs who most people look up to as a standard in whatever industry they represent and found countless amounts of misinformation without merit or sustainable facts.

Merely completing a Google search engine search is not the proper way to conduct a full due diligence investigation or background of a company or individual. Although it’s a basis to start, it is certainly not a complete background. Using Google search is not the proper way to gathering accurate facts.

The Reason: There is a lot of misinformation posted by individuals or group publications for too many reasons to name here that purposely post negative or misinformation. Sometimes individuals post negative information about companies, especially if there is significant interest of the company. They do this to draw more attention to themselves or to draw web site visitors to their blog for no other purpose then individual monetary gain. Example the more visitors I have the more advertising revenue I earn.

You see the national media do the same thing. Often they publish erroneous information not factual to sensationalize the story to the public. On many occasions their sources are never properly vetted to assure accuracy. The public watches. Advertising revenue increases. Sometimes a retraction of the error or that the information was not accurate follows which is so obscure nobody notices.

Through our entrepreneur think tank we learned OneCoin was based in Sophia, Bulgaria Europe and the CEO Dr. Ruja Ignatova had an extensive background in the world of fiance and banking industry.

In particular this same Dr. Ignatova held a Juris Degree from the University of Oxford with a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Konstanz. We also found that Dr. Ruja earned a Ph,D in law from the University Konstanz. Her thesis was on Corporate Litigation within the European Union.

We also investigated Dr. Ignatova’s background. She was a former Associate Partner in McKinsey and Company which she worked on a significant number of of projects. Dr Ignatova also had a vast banking background as CEO/CFO in one of the biggest asset management funds in Bulgaria.

We also learned Dr Ignatova’s background in cryptocurrency made her one of the leading authorities in Europe regarding blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

This was interesting to us. Not being satisfied we really wanted to document this information was factual or not. Following this a member of our think tank decided to conduct his own deeper research to document all of this. This was followed up by a personal visit to the company HQ in Sophia Bulgaria. Surprisingly our think tank member was given full transparency inside the company and to Dr. Ignatova. This was documented by an independent film crew who accompanied this contact in Europe.

We have since updated our research on this company based on this independent research.. We find they have gained quite a bit of traction in gathering worldwide membership of over 1.7 million. Members may enroll for free or purchase education packages/training packages ranging in different price points based on the education package.

Based on the education package size, they are distributed tokens which are used for mining purposes. Through this process the member mines cryptocurrency coins that they may elect to hold for growth valuation. Members have an option to sell their crypto-coins back to an internal exchange.

We witnessed this price of a crypto-coin from its inception at about.50 euros has grown in value to about 5.63 euros on their internal exchange within a period of approximately 1 year. This is a staggering eleven times valuation.

The company uses open source blockchain technlogy independently audited by 3rd party audit firms with a plan to mine approximately 2.1 billion coins. Their goal is to be listed on independent exchanges through massive growth. Apparently Dr Ignatova has a plan is allow the everyday use to use of the for example purchase of goods/servcies to a worldwide base of merchants using seamless payment systems.

We also noted in the world of network marketing this company has gained great traction in the network marketing industry. If this company is not the fastest growing network marketing company it certainly is one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world from the years 2015 to 2016.

The company has also merged acquired 3 other network marketing companies which appears to be a method of gaining rapid growth in the industry. They are entrenched in multiple countries throughout the world.

Our group findings also learned that there are in deed a number of their membership include the top money earners worldwide plus some of the world top money earners in the world of network marketing. These list of top money earners may be found by searching independent online reporting companies who validate such results. This is a form of who is who in the world of network marketing top money earners.

We also note that a number of these marketing leaders in one year have surpassed other marketing giant entrepreneurs who previously held these prestigious titles as recognized top money earners in the industry. These incomes are exceedingly higher when compared to many highest paid CEO’s and corporate executives in the world.

We were astounded to see not only does OneCoin have the top money earner but have in just under one year a significant top worldwide money earners when compared to other network marketing top money earners worldwide.

As a think tank group we neither publicly condone as in recommend nor do we publicly condemn as in criticize individual network marketing companies we review. We merely share our complete due diligence and report the facts as they are.

This is our 5th complete review of a network marketing companies. The others received some good and other negative review from our think tank team. Part of our background must include a visit by at least one of our trusted representatives who makes personal visit to the company HQ and be given full transparency to document our fact finding.

Our conclusion is for the individual to make their best judgement as to whether this is a unique way of capturing market share in the world of cryptocurrency. It certainly is an interesting concept that deserves merit in at least noting as another way or method to gaining market share in the world of available cryptocurrency. (crypto- currency)

We as a group of business successful entrepreneurs have spent the time and money to give the most unbiased and accurate results of our background investigations of those companies we care to investigate.

There are members of our group who certainly are open to share our complete due diligence finding results with entrepreneur minded individuals with whoever has an interest then allow them to make their own decisions or conclusions. We report the positive and negative facts as they truly are.

I am a retired police officer, chief of police CEO of a privately held Nevada based internet company. I have expertise in crypto-currency, online business building, coaching and marketing. I am part of a think tank group of entrepreneur professionals who research companies or up and coming technologies that merit review.

Article Source: OneCoin An Alternative Cryptocurrency?

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